Regional Anesthesia

recommended :

Limited number of videos availble to Basic subscribers.
Beautiful interface for links to YouTube block videos. Huge Ask the Experts section for expert techinical commentary. Quizzes available.
All about Intralipid for local anesthetic toxicity.
London Society of Anesthesia site. Sleek interface, low on content but includes links to well-produced YouTube videos.
Freely available high quality regional anesthesia textbook.
UCSF atlas with brief descriptions and images.
Throrough but somewhat dated web gallery with excellent graphics detailing anatomy. Few videos but well-labeled ultrasound images.
Vast collection of resources on regional anesthesia; block technique, anatomy, sonoanatomy etc. Approx 10 well-produceced block videos.
This site is down as of 12-22-15
Short descriptions of block technique with a few images. Produced by staff at Toronto Western Hospital.