On January 4, 2016, MOCA 2.0 began.

Professionalism and Professional Standing (PPS)
Most hold an active, unrestricted license in at least one jursidiction of US or Canada.
Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (LLS)
250 Category 1 CME credits, no more than 60 per year. No requirement for Self-Assessment CME. At least 20 credits of ABA-approved Patient Safety CME.
Assessment of Knowledge, Judgment, and Skills (KJS)
Complete 30 MOCA Minute questions per calendar quarter. Multiple-choice questions are emailed out weekly. Questions are chosen from topics where a majority of takers answered incorrectly. Once a question is opened you have one minute to answer. Immediate feedback with references is provided.
Quality Improvement (QI)
You need to earn 25 points every five-year period by completing MOCA 2.0 activities.