Written Board

Anesthesia: A Comprehensive Review
Edition 6 (2019)
Brian Hall, Robert Chantigian
Offering complete, up-to-date coverage of everything from basic science through current clinical practice, Hall Anesthesia: A Comprehensive Review, 6th Edition, provides 1,000 review questions that help you improve your mastery of anesthesiology. You’ll reinforce your current knowledge, identify areas that require more study, and improve your long-term retention of the material – all while preparing for certification and re-certification examinations as well as clinical practice. Provides 1,000 completely updated review questions (more than 100 are brand-new) with explanations in the answers. Every question has been reviewed by at least one additional author and vetted by Mayo residents to ensure a consistent level of difficulty. Familiarizes you with the current ABA exam content and format, with challenging board review questions and answers covering the latest discoveries and techniques in physics, biochemistry, and anesthesia equipment; the newest drugs and drug categories; and the most recent information on all anesthesia subspecialties. Allows you to test interactively online with a scoreboard and notes field. Offers discussions after each question, along with corresponding page references to major anesthesia texts so it’s easy to find more information on any subject. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase, which allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices

Anesthesia Review: 1000 Questions and Answers to Blast the BASICS and Ace the ADVANCED
Edition 1 (2018)
Sheri Berg
"With contributors from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, the unique and thorough Anesthesia Review: 1000 Questions and Answers to Blast the BASICS and Ace the ADVANCED covers both BASIC or ADVANCED levels of Anesthesiology training in a single volume. Any resident in Anesthesiology will find a gold mine of material—including topic-specific chapters with exam-like questions, answers with explanations, and references for further, in-depth review—for fast, efficient preparation. Format and style of questions align directly with what you’ll encounter on actual exams. Perfect for Anesthesiology Residents, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, and Advanced Practice Nurses. Answer explanations include reasons for incorrect answers, as well as references for further study, ideal for anyone who wants more help with topics."

Anesthesia Review: Blasting the Boards
Edition 1 (2016)
Sheri Berg, Edward Bittner, Kevin Zhao
Prepare for success on in-training, certifying, and recertification exams! Anesthesia Review: Blasting the Boards is a high-yield study guide designed to maximize your study time and help you ace the written boards. A full-color, outline format features bulleted lists and numerous diagrams to facilitate quick memorization and information retrieval. It’s an ideal review resource for residents, CRNAs preparing for certification, and practitioners who need to recertify. Key Features 22 succinct chapters cover the five content areas tested – basic sciences, clinical sciences, organ-based basic and clinical sciences, clinical subspecialties, and special problems or issues in anesthesiology. Content is presented in high-yield, digestible chunks using a full-color, outline format. Anesthesiology keywords are highlighted for quick memorization and retrieval. Recently identified knowledge gaps are addressed in each chapter. Every chapter concludes with five or more multiple choice questions and explanations. Now with the print edition, enjoy the bundled interactive eBook edition, which can be downloaded to your tablet and smartphone or accessed online and includes features like: Complete content with enhanced navigation Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that pull results from content in the book, your notes, and even the web Cross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigation Highlighting tool for easier reference of key content throughout the text Ability to take and share notes with friends and colleagues Quick reference tabbing to save your favorite content for future use

Anesthesia Secrets
Edition 6 (2020)
Brian Keech, Ryan Laterza
For more than 30 years, the highly regarded Secrets Series® has provided students and practitioners in all areas of health care with concise, focused, and engaging resources for quick reference and exam review. Anesthesia Secrets, 6th Edition offers practical, up-to-date coverage of the full range of essential topics in the practice of anesthesiology. This bestselling resource features the Secrets’ popular question-and-answer format that also includes lists, tables, pearls, memory aids, and an easy-to-read style – making inquiry, reference, and review quick, easy, and enjoyable. The proven Secrets Series® format gives you the most return for your time – succinct, easy to read, engaging, and highly effective. Fully revised and updated throughout, including protocols and guidelines that are continuously evolving and that increasingly dictate best practices. New chapters on Electrocardiogram Interpretation, Cardiac Physiology, Vasoactive Agents, Volume Assessment, Blood Pressure Disturbances, Mechanical Ventilation Strategies, Perioperative Point-of-Care Ultrasound and Echocardiography, Neuraxial Techniques, Peripheral Nerve and Trunk Blocks, Patient Safety, and Medical Ethics. Top 100 Secrets and Key Points boxes provide a fast overview of the secrets you must know for success in practice and on exams. Features bulleted lists, mnemonics, practical tips from leaders in the field – all providing a concise overview of important board-relevant content. Portable size makes it easy to carry with you for quick reference or review anywhere, anytime. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

Anesthesiology: A Comprehensive Board Review for Primary and Maintenance of Certification
Edition 1 (2013)
Kai Matthes, Richard Urman, Jesse Ehrenfeld
Anesthesiology: A Comprehensive Review for the Written Boards and Recertification is a high-yield, streamlined study aid. It contains more than 1000 updated, realistic multiple-choice questions tailored to the question content of recent American Board of Anesthesiology (Aba) exams. To maximize reading efficiency, key messages are repeated and highlighted in the bullets. While focusing on most-frequently tested keywords by the Aba, this book also covers new "emerging" topics such as patient safety, statistics, and ethics. Well-chosen illustrations and graphs are used to enhance the learning experience. Also novel is a high-yield summary of the 60 most frequently tested topics and concepts to be reviewed just before taking the boards. With this book as guidance, readers will be able to efficiently prepare for the written primary certification or recertification anesthesiology board exam.

Anesthesiology Board Review Pearls of Wisdom
Edition 3 (2012)
Sudharma Ranasinghe, Kerri Wahl, Eric Harris, David Lubarsky
Maximize your anesthesiology exam score! This powerful, results-oriented study guide delivers everything you need to improve your knowledge, confidence, and recall. Featuring a rigorous quick-hit Q&A format consisting of short clinical questions with brief answers, this is truly your most effective weapon when preparing for the anesthesiology in-service and board exams. The unique question and single-answer format of Anesthesiology Board Review eliminates the guesswork associated with traditional multiple-choice Q&A reviews and reinforces only the answers you need to know on exam day. With content following the anesthesiology board exam blueprint, emphasis is placed on distilling key facts and clinical pearls essential for exam success. This high-yield review is the perfect complement to larger texts and delivers an intense, streamlined review in the days and weeks before the exam. 3,500+ rapid-fire questions covering more than 95 percent of the key words from 2006 to 2011 NEW questions throughout the book with thoroughly updated chapters NEW chapter organization aligns with exam blueprint to streamline studying Great review for ITE, the Anesthesiology Boards, and MOCA GET THE HIGHEST SCORE POSSIBLE WITH: BULL'S-EYE HITS on anesthesiology exam topics--the meaningful and the frequently tested TOOLS TO IMPRINT YOUR MEMORY such as pearls, mnemonics, visual imagery, and other tested learning aids RAPID-FIRE Q&A PRESENTATION that maximizes your study time NO CONFUSING WRONG ANSWERS to clutter your memory

Anesthesiology Boards Made Easy: A physician's step-by-step guide to make your board preparation successful
Edition 1 (2017)
Jeff Steiner
From the author of Anesthesia Made Easy comes the next step in your training to become an anesthesiologist. When you became an anesthesiology resident, no one told you that you would have a full time job as an anesthesiology resident learning your craft and be a full time student getting ready for more exams. Since these exams will cost you both time and money, you will want to only have to take them once. Trying to balance these two roles is difficult when there is so much to learn and only so much time. It is not enough that you have the knowledge, you have to know how to use it. You have worked too hard to get into anesthesiology residency training to blow it on not being able to become Board Certified. With such a high stakes game, where do you begin? Anesthesiology Boards Made Easy is the insider’s strategy guide for residents to show you how to successfully play the game and become Board Certified. After all, if you were going to play a challenging game, you would try to figure out the objectives, rules, knowledge, strategy, tactics, and skills (plus a little luck) to win … right? In this book, I will give you a roadmap to explain how the boards work, how to make your studying more efficient and less painful, and how to prepare for the most challenging exam of your career: The dreaded Applied Exam. (It is a 70 minute oral exam void of multiple choice questions given to you by experts in the field of anesthesiology. Some of the oral board examiners wrote the very books you will study to take the exam.) Section One - The Game: You will learn the broad overview of how to become board certified. Section Two - Doing Well on Your Written Exams: This is where we get into the strategies, tactics, and skills to pass your written exams. You will have several written exams to master including your USMLE/COMLEX Step 3, the Anesthesiology In Training Exam (ITE), the ABA Basic Exam, and the ABA Advanced Exam. Section Three - Graduating From Residency: Most residents think they just have to show and get through. Not so. There are some residents who sail through residency and others who struggle. Learn how to efficiently maneuver through your training program. Section Four - Passing Your Applied Exam: This is the largest section of the book, because you will be taking the Applied Exam as an oral exam. Starting in March 2018, you will also have an OSCE integrated to it as well. Learn how to prepare and take your first professional oral examination. Section Five - Year by Year Checklists: With so much information in Anesthesiology Boards Made Easy where do you begin? This group of year by year checklists will meet you where you are in your training. It does not matter if you are an Intern or graduated from residency, this book will help you get ready for your exams. What are you waiting for? Order your copy of Anesthesiology Boards Made Easy and build strategies, tactics, and skills into your Board studying which will help you become Board Certified with the least amount of pain possible.

Anesthesiology Core Review - ADVANCED Exam
Edition 2 (2024)
Brian Freeman, Jeffrey Berger
Anesthesiology Core Review: Part Two ADVANCED Exam is an all-in-one test-prep resource for mastering nearly 200 must-know topics, identifying your areas of strength and weakness, and waking up on test day with the utmost confidence. Written by program directors with years of board examination advising experience, the book is designed in a way that facilitates quick, solid learning. It is divided into sections that match the American Board of Anesthesiology ADVANCED exam blueprint: Basic Sciences Clinical Sciences Organ-based Basic & Clinical Sciences Clinical Subspecialties Special Issues in Anesthesiology With its expert authorship and concise yet thorough coverage, Anesthesiology Core Review: Part Two ADVANCED Exam is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure effective preparation for the new ABA ADVANCED Examination.

Anesthesiology Core Review - BASIC Exam
Edition 2 (2023)
Brian Freeman, Jeffrey Berger
The essential, high-yield review for Part One of the ABA BASIC Exam―updated to align with the latest exam blueprint Anesthesiology residents must pass the BASIC exam in order to continue their training. This essential resource is the single best way to take the stress out of this make-or-break exam, focus your study on nearly 200 must-know topics found on the board exam outline, and identify your areas of strength and weakness. Written by program directors with many years of board examination advising experience, Anesthesiology Core Review: Part One: BASIC Exam succinctly summarizes key concepts in basic science and clinical anesthesia practice. Space is conveniently provided throughout the book to add notes from other study resources. This updated second edition reflects the latest literature and incorporates new topics such as COVID-19. Concise review of all essential anesthesia concepts Great for keyword review and to generate power points for presentations Content correlates with the two-part ABA content outline for board certification Revised simultaneously with the Anesthesiology Core Review: Part Two: ADVANCED Exam Aligns with the updated American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) BASIC Exam blueprint and incorporates new content with American Society of Anesthesiology guidelines

Anesthesiology Examination & Board Review
Edition 7 (2013)
Mark Dershwitz, J. Walz
The Single-Best Review for the American Board of Anesthesiology Written Examinations—Completely Updated to Reflect the New Exam Format Anesthesiology Examination and Board Review is the most time-proven and effective way to prepare for the ABA written examinations. This powerful study guide delivers 1,500 board-style multiple-choice questions with referenced, paragraph-length discussions for each answer. Anesthesiology Examination and Board Review has been completely redesigned and rewritten to reflect the new exam format. Like the exam, this edition is divided into two parts: Basic and Advanced, each concluding with a practice test. There is no better way for you to boost your test-taking skills, subject knowledge, and confidence than this essential study partner. FEATURES 1,500 board-style questions with fully explained, referenced answers New information from the American Board of Anesthesiology on changes to the certification and recertification process and requirements Complete coverage of the entire field of anesthesiology Two comprehensive practice tests that mimic the actual exams and allow you to test your skill at answering questions under simulated exam conditions Valuable test-taking strategies New questions that reflect the latest research and advances

Anesthesiology Keywords Review
Edition 2 (2012)
Raj Modak
Anesthesiology Keywords Review, Second Edition The Second Edition of this handy review is formatted for ease of use. Over 300 detailed entries include key points, a discussion, and suggested readings for each keyword. Broad-based coverage addresses all areas of anesthesiology, including pediatrics. New key words have been added to this edition, and questions and answers at the end of each keyword presentation test and reinforce readers’ knowledge. A companion website includes fully searchable text. Ideal for Exam preparation! • Over 300 detailed entries include key points, a discussion, and suggested readings for each keyword. • Broad-based coverage addresses all areas of anesthesiology, including pediatrics. • New key words have been added to keep your knowledge base up-to-date. • Companion website includes fully searchable text. Be sure this self-paced review is in your hands!

Anesthesiology Self-Assessment and Board Review: BASIC Exam
Edition 1 (2017)
Jeff Gadsen, Dean Jones
More than 800 high-yield Q&A provide the preparation you need to ace the ABA BASIC Examination Here’s a great way to boost your confidence – and your score -- on the high-stakes American Board of Anesthesiology BASIC Exam. This powerful, results-oriented review delivers more than 800 questions and answers that cover a wide range of topics found on the ABA BASIC exam outline. Each question comes complete with a detailed answer explanation for both the correct and incorrect answer choices, along with references to essential texts to facilitate further study. Anesthesiology Self-Assessment and Board Review: BASIC Exam is the perfect resource to supplement your daily reading in addition to the intense, streamlined study you want in the weeks and months before the exam. Here’s why this is the best Q&A review for the ABA BASIC Exam: • 800+ questions and answers cover the breadth of topics found on the exam • Rich full-color presentation includes numerous clinically relevant drawings and photos • Focuses on what you must know to pass the exam, enabling you to maximize your study time • Content is based on the ABA BASIC Exam outline, so you know you are studying the most relevant, up-to-date material possible • Detailed answer explanations for both correct and incorrect answers provide concept-clarifying “whys” behind each answer

Basic Anesthesiology Examination Review
Edition 1 (2016)
George Williams, Erin Williams
Basic Anesthesiology Examination Review is a high-yield, streamlined study aid specifically designed for Anesthesiology residents preparing for the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) Basic Anesthesiology Exam. Chapters deliver succinct and efficiently communicated summaries of all content listed in the ABA exam outline, plus highlighted key facts, mneomnics, and relevant images and diagrams. Chapters conclude with board-style practice questions and annotated answers, followed by key references and further reading. With this book as a guide, readers will be able to efficiently prepare for the Basic Anesthesiology Examination and master the key facts and concepts that provide the scientific roundation for the practice of Anesthesiology.

BASIC Essentials: A Comprehensive Review for the Anesthesiology BASIC Exam
Edition 1 (2019)
Alopi Patel, Himani Bhatt, Sang Kim
Focused and results-based, this important board review title covers everything that residents need to know when preparing for their Anesthesiology BASIC exam. Written by residents familiar with the exam, its use of bullet points and illustrations enables effective learning and efficient exam preparation. Providing a comprehensive review of all exam topics, the guide uses a clear and focused note-taking style to present 'high-yield' information, enabling efficient study techniques. Bullet points and short paragraphs feature to help rapid understanding, with margin space provided to annotate and add further notes. The helpful format ensures that all exam preparation, including notes from question banks, can be kept in this 'one-stop' review book. Mirroring the BASIC exam requirements, this book covers clinical anesthetic practice, pharmacology, physiology, anatomy, and anesthesia equipment and monitoring. Written by residents for residents, it is an essential preparation resource for the Anesthesiology BASIC exam.

Essential Clinical Anesthesia Review
Edition 1 (2015)
Linda Aglio, Robert Lekowski, Richard Urman
This concise, evidence-based board review book, organized according to the ABA keyword list, covers all the fundamental concepts needed to pass written and re-certification board examinations. Each chapter begins with a case scenario or clinical problems from everyday practice, followed by concise discussion and clinical review questions and answers. Discussion progresses logically from preoperative assessment and intraoperative management to postoperative pain management, enhancing the reader's knowledge and honing diagnostic and clinical management skills. New guidelines and recently developed standards of care are also covered.

Faust's Anesthesiology Review
Edition 6 (2023)
Terrence Trentman, Brantley Gaitan, Bhargavi Gali, Rebecca Johnson, Jeff Mueller, Steven Rose, Toby Weingarten
Authored by current and former physicians at the Mayo Clinic, Faust's Anesthesiology Review, 6th Edition, is an invaluable review source for success on exams and in practice. It covers a broad range of important and timely topics in a succinct, easy-to-read format, providing the essential information you need to master the latest advances, procedures, guidelines, and protocols in anesthesiology. Provides in-depth, yet succinct clinical synopses of all topic areas found on the ABA/ASA exam, with the perfect amount of information to ensure exam success. Contains five new chapters: Principles of Preoperative Evaluation; Anesthesia for Patients who are Lactating; Peripheral Nerve Blocks of the Anterior Trunk; Sustainability in Anesthesiology and the Operating Room; and Anesthesia During a Pandemic. Covers the core knowledge needed to succeed in today’s anesthesiology practice, including awake craniotomy, non-OR anesthesia (NORA), neuromodulation, using arterial pressure waveform to derive cardiac output, enhanced recovery (ERAS) pathways, chemical dependency in anesthesia personnel, lung transplantation, anesthesia for robotic surgery, and more. Includes boxes, tables, charts, and graphs throughout to provide visual guidance and summarize critical information. Features concise chapters for efficient review and effective recall, making this an ideal study tool for certification, recertification, or as a refresher for anesthesiology practice. An eBook version is included with purchase. The eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures and references, with the ability to search, customize your content, make notes and highlights, and have content read aloud.

First Aid for the Anesthesiology Boards
Edition 1 (2010)
Himani Bhatt, Karlyn Powell, Dominique Jean
Turn to the proven First Aid formula to help you ace the Anesthesia Boards AN INSIDER'S STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO PASSING THE ANESTHESIA BOARD EXAM 4 STAR DOODY'S REVIEW! "Clinicians seeking certification and recertification in anesthesiology will find this book invaluable as an aid in their preparation for examinations."--Doody's Review Service Written by a team of residents from St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center, this is a high-yield “insider's guide” to success on the anesthesia boards and in-service exams. The books presents quick, frequently-tested, high-yield facts based on the most recently administered exams. You will find this great for initial and last minute exam review and anesthesiologists will find it valuable as a refresher before recertification. Features: A complete one-stop review for in-service, written, and oral boards Quick, high-yield facts review the most frequently tested topics Mnemonics make learning and memorization fast, fun, and easy Margin notes reinforce must-know information Covers all the subspecialties, including pediatric, obstetric, cardiac, and thoracic anesthesiology Reviews the most common oral board topics Great as a refresher for recertification The High-Yield Content You Need to Ace the Anesthesia Boards: Introduction: How to Succeed on the Boards, Section 1: The Fundamentals of Anesthetic Management: Anesthetic Pharmacology, Physiology and Anesthesia, Preoperative Evaluation, Monitoring and Equipment, Techniques for General Anesthesia, Techniques for Regional Anesthesia, PACU, Section 2: Anesthesia for the Subspecialties: Pediatric Anesthesia, Obstetric Anesthesia, Cardiac Anesthesia, Thoracic Anesthesia, Vascular Anesthesia, Neurosurgical Anesthesia, Anesthesia for Trauma, Critical Care, Pain, Anesthesia for Ophthalmic and ENT Surgeries, Anesthesia for GU Surgery, Anesthesia for Patients with Liver Disease, Anesthesia for Patients with Endocrine Disease, Anesthesia for Transplantation, Anesthesia for Laparoscopic Surgery, Anesthesia for Orthopaedic Surgery, Anesthesia Outside of the ER, Special Considerations for Anesthesia Practice, Section 3:Common Oral Board Topics.

Kombrinck's Concise Anesthesiology Board Review
Edition 1 (2013)
Jonathan Kombrinck
Board Review Text by Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology. Very densely focused high yield Anesthesiology one-liner guide for test taking purposes. Not useful for beginners in anesthesia. Table of Contents structured to match the ITE Exam taken each year by anesthesia residents in the US. Can be used as a reference as well as a study/review guide for any general anesthetist. Authored by physician anesthesiologist.

Lippincott's Anesthesia Review: 1001 Questions and Answers
Edition 1 (2014)
Paul Sikka
Ace your anesthesiology in-training exam, written board exam, or recertification exam with Lippincott's Anesthesia Review: 1001 Questions and Answers! This anesthesiology exam preparation resource offers you 1,001 multiple-choice questions and answers spanning all essential topics that challenge your mastery of all the information you need to know. Key Features Review every key content area thanks to 21 chapters that cover preoperative evaluation and management • airway management • anesthesia machine • patient monitoring • fluid management and blood transfusion • anesthetic pharmacology • spinal and epidural anesthesia • peripheral nerve blocks • pain management • orthopedic anesthesia • cardiovascular anesthesia • thoracic anesthesia • neuroanesthesia • gastrointestinal, liver, and renal disease • endocrine diseases • ophthalmic, ear, nose & throat surgery • obstetric anesthesia • pediatric anesthesia • critical care • postoperative anesthesia care • and more! Practice using questions that follow the same format as the ones on the actual exams, incorporating tables, drawings, and photographs. Remedy gaps in your knowledge thanks to thorough answer explanations.

Manual of Clinical Anesthesiology
Edition 2 (2021)
Larry Chu, Andrea Traynor, Viji Kurup
Designed for rapid reference at the point of care, Manual of Clinical Anesthesiology is the clinician’s go-to resource for practical, clinically focused information on all aspects of anesthesia management. The comprehensive second edition consolidates multidisciplinary expertise in one resource, offering revised and updated content in a highly visual, portable format, with short, easy-to-read chapters, margin icons noting pearls and pitfalls, and more. Presents information in a rapid-reference, outline format throughout, with color-coded sections, chapter summaries, pearls and pitfalls, cross-references to related text, and more. Features new chapters on: Hemorrhage in Obstetrics, Highly Lethal Viruses (such as SARS and Ebola), Thromboelastogram/Point of Care Laboratory Interpretation, Hazards in the MRI Suite, and Substance Abuse in Medical Professionals, as well as new cognitive aids for Caudal Anesthesia, Cardiopulmonary Bypass, Ultrasound-Guided Neuraxial Anesthesia, OB Cardiac Arrest, Transthoracic Echo, and PALS. Covers monitoring, equipment and procedures, anesthesia and comorbid diseases, pediatric anesthesia, subspecialty anesthesia, and other key topics. Includes four full-color atlases that clearly depict procedures, transesophageal echocardiography, peripheral nerve blocks, and crisis management (including new crisis management checklists) as well as appendices of foreign language phrases and a drug dosing pull-out card.

McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review Clinical Anesthesiology
Edition 2 (2013)
Larry Chu
Hundreds of real questions from past board exams provide the preparation you need for certification or recertification Clinical Anesthesiology Board Review is the perfect way to prepare for the anesthesiology board exam. This powerful study guide delivers 350 board questions from past ABA exams. It also includes the most thoroughly researched, evidence-based answers of any guide. By studying questions from previous ABA exams, you come as close as possible to experiencing the exam without actually taking it! Here's why this is the key to exam success: 350 actual board questions from retired ABA exams Thoroughly researched and detailed answers to every question Two practice exams, complete with answers All answers referenced to leading anesthesiology texts Succeed in every subject area Clinical Anesthesiology Board Review thoroughly covers every topic covered on the ABA exam, including: Basic Science Pharmacology Cardiovascular Anesthesiology Neurological Anesthesiology Regional Anesthesia Pain Management Pediatric Anesthesia

Miller's Anesthesia Review
Edition 4 (2024)
Lorraine Sdrales, Manuel Pardo
Covering all anesthesia topics from basic to advanced, Miller's Anesthesia Review, 4th Edition, is an ideal resource for self-assessment and deepening your understanding of this ever-expanding and challenging field. Edited by Drs. Lorraine M. Sdrales and Manuel C. Pardo, Jr., this authoritative guide provides high-yield study points in an easy-to-read, bulleted format, along with hundreds of questions, answers, and rationales to help you test your knowledge and identify knowledge gaps for further study. Conveniently cross-referenced to the latest edition of Miller’s Basics of Anesthesia, it covers everything from physiologic and pharmacologic principles through anesthetic machine systems, anesthetic delivery in a variety of settings, and anesthesia administration for a full range of disease states. Uses an efficient, bulleted outline format for each chapter, summarizing core content and providing self-test questions and workbook tasks that test your conceptual knowledge and rationale. Brings you fully up to date with revised questions throughout, progressing logically from basic to advanced topics. Includes selected figures, tables, and clinical pearls boxes to emphasize key concepts. Features new chapters that reflect the breadth and scope of the practice of anesthesiology, including Clinician Well-Being, Perioperative Point-of-Care Ultrasound, Environmental Impact of Anesthesia, and Perioperative Medicine. Provides up-to-date coverage of hot topics such as anesthesia neurotoxicity, sleep medicine, and more. Corresponds to Miller’s Basics of Anesthesia to help you make the most of your study time, learn more efficiently, and pursue further information if needed. Ideal for anesthesia providers of all levels, from new learners to more experienced practitioners. An eBook version is included with purchase. The eBook includes interactive multiple-choice questions, and allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references, with the ability to search, customize your content, make notes and highlights, and have content read aloud. Any additional digital ancillary content may publish up to 6 weeks following the publication date.

Pediatric Anesthesiology: A Comprehensive Board Review
Edition 1 (2015)
T. Anthony Anderson, Kai Matthes, Anjolie Laubach, Ellen Wang
Pediatric Anesthesiology: A Comprehensive Board Review is a high-yield, streamlined study aid. It contains more than 800, realistic, multiple-choice questions tailored to the keywords in the outline of the Pediatric Anesthesiology Certification Examination published by the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA). To maximize reading efficiency, annotated answers are followed by bulleted key facts and key references. With this book as guide, readers will be able to efficiently prepare for the written primary certification pediatric anesthesiology board exam.

Review of Clinical Anesthesia
Edition 6 (2013)
Neil Connelly, David Silverman
Sharing the distinguished reputation of its companion text, Clinical Anesthesia, Seventh Edition, this completely revised edition of Review of Clinical Anesthesia provides an effective and comprehensive review in preparation of written and oral exams. With the intense volume of information available today, trying to keep up with what’s new and relevant can overwhelm students and professionals alike. This text gives you the means to stop and review what you’ve learned with a sense of context and perspective. The multiple-choice questions in this text can be used as a means of self-assessment before taking a written examination. Additionally, the book may be of even greater benefit if it is incorporated throughout one’s studies; a pretest will help the novice as well as the expert focus his or her reading; a post-test will allow one to assess self-mastery of the most relevant material.