Oral Board

Anesthesia Oral Board Review
Edition 1 (2013)
Gregory George
This book from the Ultimate Board Prep is designed to be an important component of your overall preparation for one of the most stressful events in your life....the anesthesia oral boards. It's contents include, "The Ultimate Board Prep Basic Strategy", recommendations on the best way to use our practice questions in your preparation, a description of what to expect during your actual board examination, the Ultimate Board Prep strategy for outlining the stem question, and two full mock anesthesia oral board questions. The mock oral board questions are designed to provide a review of the most relevant material while at the same time exposing you to some of the most challenging situations encountered in private practice and/or oral board exam rooms. Unlike many practice exams offered from various sources, our exams include full answers formulated using The Ultimate Board Prep Basic Strategy.

Anesthesia Oral Board Review: Knocking Out the Boards
Edition 2 (2023)
Jessica Lovich-Sapola
A fully updated edition of a popular, illustrated review book, covering all of the essential topics required to pass the current American Board of Anesthesiology Applied Oral and OSCE Examinations. Thoroughly revised to reflect recent literature and changes in anesthesia practice, 12 new chapters explore topics like Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS), Intraoperative Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE), Foreign Body Aspiration, and Patient Blood Management. The book also contains questions and model answers, alongside valuable tips for exam success reflecting the new exam structure. Chapters feature a sample case and clinical issues alongside a Knockout Treatment Plan, a model providing an answer that could be used in the exam, and a Technical Knockout section, offering additional tips for successfully passing the examination. An evidence-based approach presented in a concise outline-oriented format, this resource also functions as an introduction to anesthesia rotations and as a technical study guide for students.

Anesthesiology Boards Made Easy: A physician's step-by-step guide to make your board preparation successful
Edition 1 (2017)
Jeff Steiner
From the author of Anesthesia Made Easy comes the next step in your training to become an anesthesiologist. When you became an anesthesiology resident, no one told you that you would have a full time job as an anesthesiology resident learning your craft and be a full time student getting ready for more exams. Since these exams will cost you both time and money, you will want to only have to take them once. Trying to balance these two roles is difficult when there is so much to learn and only so much time. It is not enough that you have the knowledge, you have to know how to use it. You have worked too hard to get into anesthesiology residency training to blow it on not being able to become Board Certified. With such a high stakes game, where do you begin? Anesthesiology Boards Made Easy is the insider’s strategy guide for residents to show you how to successfully play the game and become Board Certified. After all, if you were going to play a challenging game, you would try to figure out the objectives, rules, knowledge, strategy, tactics, and skills (plus a little luck) to win … right? In this book, I will give you a roadmap to explain how the boards work, how to make your studying more efficient and less painful, and how to prepare for the most challenging exam of your career: The dreaded Applied Exam. (It is a 70 minute oral exam void of multiple choice questions given to you by experts in the field of anesthesiology. Some of the oral board examiners wrote the very books you will study to take the exam.) Section One - The Game: You will learn the broad overview of how to become board certified. Section Two - Doing Well on Your Written Exams: This is where we get into the strategies, tactics, and skills to pass your written exams. You will have several written exams to master including your USMLE/COMLEX Step 3, the Anesthesiology In Training Exam (ITE), the ABA Basic Exam, and the ABA Advanced Exam. Section Three - Graduating From Residency: Most residents think they just have to show and get through. Not so. There are some residents who sail through residency and others who struggle. Learn how to efficiently maneuver through your training program. Section Four - Passing Your Applied Exam: This is the largest section of the book, because you will be taking the Applied Exam as an oral exam. Starting in March 2018, you will also have an OSCE integrated to it as well. Learn how to prepare and take your first professional oral examination. Section Five - Year by Year Checklists: With so much information in Anesthesiology Boards Made Easy where do you begin? This group of year by year checklists will meet you where you are in your training. It does not matter if you are an Intern or graduated from residency, this book will help you get ready for your exams. What are you waiting for? Order your copy of Anesthesiology Boards Made Easy and build strategies, tactics, and skills into your Board studying which will help you become Board Certified with the least amount of pain possible.

Anesthesiology Oral Board Flash Cards
Edition 1 (2011)
Jeff Gadsden, Dean Jones
150 two-sided cards help you develop the critical thinking skills necessary to ace the Anesthesiology Oral Boards Take the stress out of anesthesiology oral board preparation by learning how to analyze a complex situation, formulate an organized plan, and communicate it in a way that impresses the examiners Learn simple principles that guide you through information gathering, synthesis, decision making, and reevaluation Benefit from valuable tips on what to say and do during the oral exam Study effectively alone or with a partner Save hundreds of hours sifting through textbooks and journal articles Fact-filled flash cards review the most relevant diseases, procedures, and events that are covered on the boards

Board Stiff Three
Edition 3 (2008)
Christopher Gallagher
Think the anesthesia oral boards are no laughing matter? Then you haven't read Board Stiff Three. The new edition of this popular anesthesia review book is written in the same winning style that was the hallmark of Board Stiff Too. Dr. Gallagher's signature humor and engaging writing style make this terrific prep book a fun read while still delivering all the most important things you need to know for the boards. In addition to a thorough content review, the new edition also features an extensive section with self-assessment questions. It also includes a bonus DVD with simulated board scenarios that will further help you prepare for the boards.

How to Pass Your Oral Boards 2
Edition 1 (2017)
Roger Donenfeld
This is a nice addition to the essential guides to passing your oral Anesthesia Boards. Not only is the essential information all here, but also, and perhaps more importantly, how to approach and reorganize information for a patterned and effective presentation in response to the examiner's specific questions. Learn how to give them what they want! Gives the information and techniques not often found elsewhere, tying it all together, formatting it specifically for the Anesthesia Oral Board Exam. Prepare yourself efficiently with lists, pneumonic aids, acronyms, and plain logic. This is not an exhaustive tome, but you need to know and will benefit from everything in this book. You've been in practice and you know the material. Now, learn how to show the examiners that think, communicate, and practice as a Diplomate. Others have declared: "You present an insider's guide." "I passed the first time with the help of your book!" "You de-fanged the bullies!"

Key Notes: for Anesthesia Oral Board
Edition 1 (2009)
Z. Guan
Key Notes for Anesthesia Oral Board is a book for board eligible anesthesiologists to prepare for anesthesia oral board. Unlike the written board in which the examinees can have vague knowledge to be able to pick up the right answers, in the oral board the examinees must have well organized and clear-cut knowledge to be able to speak it out. In addition, the answers in oral board need to be short and right to the point. As a result, the knowledge base for oral board has to be concise and precise. To fulfill this goal, the Key Notes contains only key facts of all major clinical anesthesia scenarios, and it is organized in clinically related categories or systems in such ways that it is easy to remember and easy to speak out. It also contains ASA guidelines and the most important results from the recent major studies. In addition to oral board preparation, this book can also be used as a quick clinical reference book for daily anesthesia practice.

Rapid Review Anesthesiology Oral Boards
Edition 1 (2013)
Ruchir Gupta, Minh Chau Joseph Tran
Written for trainees who are preparing to take the Anesthesia Oral Board exam, Rapid Review Anesthesiology Oral Boards is focused on the most commonly tested topics on the ABA oral board exam. Presented in a question-and-answer format, the book covers 39 different clinical scenarios encountered in the exam, including the Parkland formula to calculate fluid resuscitation in burn patients, ICP monitoring in craniotomy and hemodynamic goals in patients with cardiac disease. Questions follow the normal course of a case, from pre-operative assessment to intra-operative management and post-operative care. The answers to the questions are carefully structured to not only help the reader understand the medicine of anesthesia but also to provide the correct terminology needed to successfully pass the exam. This book is essential reading for trainees preparing for one of the toughest exams of their careers.