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Speaker Title Date Topic
Philip, James Exploring Inhalation Anesthetics Through Gas Man Computer Simulation 10/4/17 Physiology
Eckmann, Maxim Ultrasound Assisted Injections of the Thoracic Spine 9/20/17 Regional
Zuegge, Karin What Does it Cost, and Why Does it Matter? 9/13/17 Infrastructure
Murphy, Glenn Perioperative Racial Disparities 8/9/17 Infrastructure
Netzel, Christopher Gut Microbes, Metabolic Syndrome and Possible Anesthetic Implications 8/2/17 General
Yegian, Courtney Anesthesia Awareness: The Public's Perception of Anesthesiology 7/5/17 General
Gittens, Brian Unconscious Bias in Academic Medicine 6/28/17 Misc
Stahler, Paul ICU Management of the Potential Organ Donor 6/14/17 ICU
Leiendecker, Eric ARDS: An Update 6/7/17 ICU
Pryde, Peter Optimizing Obstetrical Anesthesia Care: Its Not Just Labor Epidurals 5/17/17 OB
Hoffman, Harrison Anesthetic Management of Bronchospasm in the Perioperative Period 5/3/17 General
Ebbe, Robert Recognizing and Responding to Disruptive Events 4/19/17 Misc
Ingebrigtson, Dane Anesthetic Considerations for the LVAD Patient for Non-Cardiac Surgery 4/5/17 Cardiac
Anderson, Andrew Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair: An Overview 3/15/17 Cardiac
Hickson, Gerald Addressing Behaviors that Undermine a Culture of Safety 3/8/17 Infrastructure
Immen, Steven Anesthesia in the Psychiatry Patient 3/1/17 General
Gerstner, Andrew TrExit: A Closer Look at Tracheal Extubation Guidelines 2/1/17 General
Fenlon, James Residual Neuromuscular Blockade: Implications and Prevention 1/4/17 General
Murphy, Noreen Nunquam Non Paratus _ Never Unprepared, Always Ready 11/2/16 General
Proekt, Alexander Depth of Anesthesia, A Neuroscience Perspective 9/14/16 Neuro
Trawicki, Michael My next patient is a T6 paraplegic. What do I do now? Anesthetic Implications of Spinal Cord Injury 8/17/16 Neuro
O'Connor-Giles, Kate Genome Engineering in Research, Medicine, and Beyond 8/10/16 Misc
Klesius, Lisa Acute and Perioperative Management of the Burn-Injured Patient 8/3/16 General
Williams, Seth Minimizing the Physiological Burden of Spine Surgery 7/20/16 Neuro
Collins, Nicole Endogenous Gasotransmitters: What Breathing, Your Brain and Rotten Eggs Have in Common 7/13/16 General
Boncyk, Christina The Art of Improving Perioperative Care 7/6/16 Infrastructure
Leal, Miguel Update on Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices 6/8/16 Cardiac
Chalifoux, Michael General Anesthesia: Are you really going to sleep? 6/1/16 General
Hess, John The Scientific Basis of Transfusion Triggers 5/10/16 Physiology
Sobeck, Steven Anesthesia for Nonobstetric Surgery in Pregnancy: Breathing for Two 5/4/16 OB
Dempsey, Jerome Human Adaptability to Hypoxia-A Mixed Blessing 4/13/16 Physiology
Pearce, Robert How Anesthetics Prevent Learning - From Molecules To Memory 3/16/16 General
Teodorescu, Mihaela Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Reasons for Concern 3/9/16 General
Rabedeaux, Paul Duty Hour Restrictions: A Brief History, and a Review of the Current Literature 3/2/16 Infrastructure
Mezrich, Joshua As They Lay Dying: Reconsidering Organ Donation at the End of Life 2/17/16 Misc
Nichols, Kyle Reversal of Neuromuscular Blockade 2/10/16 General
Zuegge, Karin Sustainable Anesthesiology Practice -- it's not JUST fun and games! 1/13/16 Infrastructure
Zajicek, Kerry Investigating Myths and Dogmas in Anesthesia 1/6/16 General
Crowder, C. Michael How Safe is the Perioperative Period? Not Very! 12/16/15 Infrastructure
Crowder, C. Michael Mitochondrial Protein Aggregation: A New Hypoxic Pathology 12/15/15 Physiology
Abel, E. Jason Does Perioperative Care Impact Cancer Outcomes? 12/9/15 General
Hollis, Kevin What is your plan after you get HIT? Understanding and Navigating Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia 12/2/15 General
Groose, Molly Anesthesia in Microgravity 11/18/15 Misc
Pandharipande, Pratik Long-Term Neuropsychological Outcomes After Critical Illness 11/11/15 Neuro
Kumar, Anand Myocardial Depression in Sepsis and Septic Shock: Presentation, Causes and Management 11/4/15 ICU
Blanchette, Thomas Perioperative Multimodal Analgesia 10/7/15 General
Schulz, Andrew The Anesthesia Closed Claims Project: Past Lessons and Future Implications 9/23/15 Infrastructure
Johnson, Joel Will MOCA Meet our Goals 9/16/15 Infrastructure
Tung, Avery Practice Variability: What Does It Mean When We All Do Things Differently? 9/9/15 Infrastructure
Jenkinson, Robert Spinal Cord Stimulation: Applications and Future Advancements 9/2/15 Neuro
Volz, Lana Am I Going To Get A Shot? Reducing Perioperative Anxiety in Children 8/19/15 Pediatric
Songster, Jeffrey Noncardiac Anesthesia for the Cardiac Patient 8/5/15 General
Flick, Randall Anesthetic Related Neurotoxicity in the Young: An Update and Critical Review 7/15/15 Pediatric
Wood, Joel Perioperative Management of the Septic Patient 7/8/15 General
Lucas, Tanya 2 For 1: Surgery During Pregnancy 6/24/15 OB
Postle, Bradley Neural Activation vs. Neural Information In Human Working Memory 6/10/15 Neuro
Lacey, Joshua Anesthesia for the Pregnant Trauma Patient 6/3/15 OB
Le, Huong The Elusive Threshold Between High Risk Surgery and Futile Care 5/20/15 General
Rowley, Howard Emergency Stroke Treatment: 2015 Updates 5/13/15 Misc
Kokott, Jeffrey Risks to the Anesthesia Provider 5/6/15 Misc
Saidman, Lawrence Development of the Specialty - Clinically Important Changes 4/15/15 Infrastructure
Saidman, Lawrence Development of the Specialty - Socio-Economic Changes 4/14/15 Infrastructure
Vetter, Thomas The Perioperative Surgical Home-Why Everyone Wins 3/18/15 Infrastructure
Chanda, Baron New Insights into Mechanisms of Local Anesthetic Action on Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel 3/11/15 Physiology
Reynen, John Perioperative Anaphylaxis 3/4/15 General
Anderson, Michael Organ Donation: Preserving the Opportunity 2/18/15 General
Pugh, Carla Signatures: Drawing Meaning for Clinical Skills Performance Using Sensors and Motion Tracking Technology 2/11/15 Infrastructure
Cios, Hubert Heliox: An Overview of Current Therapeutic Uses and Evidence 2/4/15 General
Springman, Scott Data Quality, EHRs and Security 1/14/15 Infrastructure
Borden, Shelly Geriatric Anesthesia in the Outpatient Setting: Pre-Operative Considerations 1/7/15 General
Pitkin, Andrew Under Pressure: Diving and Hyperbaric Physiology and Disease 12/17/14 Physiology
Rock, Jessica Postpartum Mood Disorders 12/10/14 OB
Van Veen, Barry Modeling Electrical Brain Networks from Electroencephalography 12/10/14 Neuro
Tan, Michael The Perioperative Surgical Home: What is the Evidence Behind it? 12/3/14 Infrastructure
Landau, Ruth Preeclampsia: Current and Future Research: Where is the Cutting Edge 12/1/14 OB
Wassarman, David A Drosophilia Model of Closed Head Traumatic Brain Injury 11/12/14 Neuro
Tamm-Daniels, Inge Liposomal Bupivacaine: The Next Best Thing? 11/5/14 Regional
Toledano, Roulhac Jeopardy! Controversies in Epidural Anesthesia & Analgesia 11/1/14 Regional
Richardson, Michael Bridging the Language & Cultural Chasm: Low Hanging Quality Improvement Fruit 10/1/14 Infrastructure
Anderson, Cordel The Environmental Impact of Volatile Anesthetics 10/1/14 General
Wynn, Martha Low Tidal Volumes in the OR-What are the Issues? 9/10/14 General
Wiener-Kronish, Jeanine Changes in Anesthesia - Implications for Academic Anesthesia Departments 9/9/14 Infrastructure
Lee, Allison Use of Ultrasound in Obstetric Anesthesia 9/1/14 OB
Naidech, Andrew Improving Quality of Life After Intracerebral Hemorrhage 8/20/14 Neuro
Farber, Daniel Perioperative Pulmonary Complications 8/6/14 General
Toledo, Paloma Rethinking Maintenance of Labor Analgesia 8/1/14 OB
Zuegge, Karin Is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Viable in the OR? 7/30/14 Infrastructure
Peterson, Michael Advances in Depression Treatment 7/16/14 Neuro
Wong, Cynthia Maternal Mortality: Women Still Die in Childbirth 7/13/14 OB
Rasinghe, Sue Hypertension in Pregnancy Practical Concerns 7/1/14 OB
Raz, Aeyal Anesthesia, do we turn off the brain? 6/18/14 General
Weinger, Matthew What Every Anesthesiologist Needs to Know About Safety 6/11/14 Infrastructure
Hagan, Paul Residual Neuromuscular Blockade: Don't Roc the Boat 6/4/14 General
Schell, Randall Death by PowerPoint: Is the Traditional Classroom Model Obsolete? 5/21/14 Infrastructure
Pike, Patrick ERAS: Perioperative Considerations 5/7/14 General
Tao, Weiki Neurologic Complications in Obstetric Anesthesia 5/1/14 OB
Brye, Arik Anesthetic Management for Cytoreductive Surgery and Intra-Operative Hyperthermic Chemotherapy 4/30/14 General
Hornbein, Thomas High on Hypoxia-an Exploration of Human Adaptation 4/16/14 Physiology
Hornbein, Thomas Everest and Risk as an Essential Dietary Constituent 4/15/14 Physiology
Amlong, Corey Dexmedetomidine: Past, Present and Future 4/2/14 General
D'Angelo, Robert Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity 4/1/14 OB
Scavone, Barbara Post Dural Puncture Headache and Epidural Blood Patch 3/1/14 OB
Jochman, John All Grown Up: Management of Adult Congenital Heart Disease for Non-Cardiac Surgery 2/19/14 General
Walker, Benjamin The Pediatric Regional Anesthesia Network 2/12/14 Regional
Flood, Pamela How can we study labor pain? 2/1/14 OB
Miletic, Vjekoslav Intrathecal calcineurin provides prolonged analgesia in a rat model 1/15/14 Regional
Cirac, Nicholas The Use of Antifibrinolytics in Non-Cardiac Surgery 1/8/14 General
Carvalho, Brendan Strategies to Optimize Post-Cesarean Delivery Analgesia 1/1/14 OB
Van Dyke, Kenneth Quality Improvement: Better isn't always the enemy 12/11/13 Infrastructure
Kjaer, Klaus Aspiration in Obstetrics 12/1/13 OB
Obma, Kari Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: Past, Present, and Future 11/20/13 Cardiac
Vadhera, Rakesh Preparing for Obstetric Hemorrhage 11/1/13 OB
Wolman, Richard Controversies in Organ Donation: The Sale of Human Organs 10/9/13 General
Czeczok, Charles Adjuvant Medications in Regional Anesthesia 10/2/13 Regional
Ellis, Libby Obesity & Labor Analgesia 10/1/13 OB
Rose, Nick Massive Transfusion Updates 9/11/13 General
Toledano, Roulhac Vertebral Column and Epidural Space Anatomy: Myths and Reality 9/1/13 Regional
Avidan, Michael Research into Postoperative Cognition : Pitfalls and Challenges 8/14/13 Neuro
Zakowski, Mark Neurologic Complications in Obstetric Anesthesia 8/1/13 OB
Zuegge, Karin What Does it Cost and Why Does it Matter 7/17/13 Infrastructure
Eiler, Jacob Perioperative Anesthesthetic Considerations in Cancer Surgery 7/3/13 General
Eckenhoff, Roderic Scientific Tangents 6/19/13 Infrastructure
Perouansky, Misha Paradigms and Progress: The sesquicentennial quest for a unified theory of anesthetic action in the brain 6/12/13 General
Moore, Christopher Management of Anesthesia in Acute Ischemic Stroke 6/5/13 Neuro
Olufolabi, Yemi The Obstetric Airway 6/1/13 OB
Minehart, Rebecca Maternal Cardiac Arrest and Intralipid Rescue 5/8/13 OB
Robertson, Gail hERG Channels and the Molecular Basis of Drug-induced Sudden Cardiac Death 5/8/13 General
Hug, Carl Ethical Issues in Anesthesiology and Critical Care: Emphasis on Practical Approaches to Solutions for Common Dilemmas 4/24/13 Infrastructure
Ritter Jones, Marsha The Brain-Dead Organ Donor: Care of the Gift 4/3/13 General
Smiley, Richard Adventures in Malpractice Consulting 4/1/13 OB
McBride, Patrick Creating an Optimal Learning Environment: Mistreatment and Medical Students 3/20/13 Infrastructure
Garner, Rosa Severe Asthma: New Insights into Pathogenesis and Therapy 3/13/13 General
Jarjour, Nizar Cardiac Arrest: A Review of Post-arrest Interventions 3/6/13 General
Vallejo, Manny Growing Obesity Epidemic 3/1/13 General
Hammel, Laura Focusing on the Donor in Live Liver Transplant 2/20/13 General
Turkstra, Lyn Clinical Decision-Making for Patients in Vegetative & Minimally Conscious States 2/13/13 General
Froelich, Michael New Measures of Coagulation 2/3/13 OB
Ramamoorthy, Jagan A Discussion of Atelectasis 1/9/13 Physiology
Shafer, Steven Statistics: the good, the bad, and the ugly 1/1/13 Misc
Ketzler, Jonathan Modes of Mechanical Ventilation 12/19/12 General
Tawil, Justin Arterial Catheterization for Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring 12/12/12 General
Ward, Denham Feedback and Assessment of Anesthesiology Education 12/5/12 Infrastructure
Broderick, Thomas Paravertebrals at UW: Past, Present and Future 11/14/12 Regional
Grabher, Nathan The Affordable Care Act: Bundled Payments and Accountable Care Organizations 11/7/12 Infrastructure
Bartosh, Sharon Pediatric Renal Transplant 10/24/12 Pediatric
Bruggink, Sean Regional Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery 10/3/12 Regional
Sadhasivam, Senthil Personalizing Perioperative Pain Management with Opioids in Children 8/15/12 Pediatric
Peterson, April Perioperative Glucose Control: A Review of the Evidence Part II 8/8/12 General
Broeckert, Rebecca Perioperative Glucose Control: A Review of the Evidence 7/18/12 General
Wolman, Richard Dilemmas in Organ Donation 7/11/12 General
Gassner, Kyle Sanitary Measures in Regional Anesthesia 6/20/12 Regional
Taenzer, Andreas Patient Surveillance 6/6/12 Infrastructure
Piske, Matthew Continuous Labor Epidural + PCEA: Is This the Best We Can Do? The Potential of Programmed Intermittent Bolus Regimens 5/23/12 Regional
Hevesi, Zoltan frankE(i)nstein 5/16/12 Infrastructure
Gelman, Simon Department of Anesthesiology Grand Rounds 5/9/12 General
Leibel, Mark Perioperative Hemodynamic Optimization: Should we be Pursuing Goal-directed Therapy? 5/2/12 General
Varness, Deirdre Banking on Blood: Demystifying the Process from Type and Screen to Transfusion 4/18/12 General
Jensen, Ashley Ventilator Induced Lung Injury and Intraoperative Tidal Volume 4/11/12 General
Ertl, Melissa Malignant Hyperthermia: A Hot Topic 4/4/12 General
Leighton, Barbara Anesthetic Implications of Morbid Obesity 3/25/12 OB
Leighton, Barbara Advanced Maternal Age: Too Old to Push? 3/25/12 OB
Hoyt, McCallum What's new in Neonatal Resuscitation 3/25/12 Pediatric
Pratt, Stephen Role of Simulation in Maintenance of Anesthesia Skills 3/25/12 General
Tsen, Lawrence Oxytocin Overdose! Options for Optimal Uterine Tone during Cesarean Delivery 3/25/12 OB
Suresh, Maya Failed Intubation: The ASA Difficult Airway Algorithm 3/25/12 General
Suresh, Maya Role of Video Laryngoscopy in OB Anesthesia 3/25/12 OB
Nelson, Kenneth Post Dural Puncture Headache and Epidural Blood Patch 3/25/12 OB
Kalayil, Manoj Non-Obstetric Surgery for Pregnant Patients 3/21/12 OB
Leibowitz, Andrew Determination of Intravascular Volume: Does the Patient Need More or Less Fluid? 3/14/12 General
Reidy, Christopher Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation 3/7/12 Cardiac
Saviello, George Drips to Bits (Ether to Aisys): Forty Years of Anesthesia Delivery Systems from a Personal Perspective 2/15/12 General
Sebel, Peter Memory and Awareness in Anesthesia 2/1/12 Neuro
Glick, David Bispectral Index Monitoring: The Lights are on, But is Anybody Home? 1/11/12 Neuro
Hogan, Kirk N2O NO 1/4/12 General
Strigenz, Timothy Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 12/21/11 Regional
El-Hatab, Yasser Anesthetic Management of the Morbidly Obese Patients: The real Clinical Challenges 12/14/11 General
Rusy, Deborah Humanitarian Anesthesiology 12/7/11 Infrastructure
Durieux, Marcel Intravenous local anesthetics: a newapproach to improving surgical outcomes 11/30/11 General
Gossett, Linda Perioperative Management of Patients with Coronary Stents 11/9/11 General
Seropian, Michael Simulation Programs: What Would an Investor Want to See 11/2/11 Infrastructure
Malagon, Ignacio Ischaemic Preconditioning and The Use of Steroids in Paediatric Cardiac Surgery 10/5/11 Pediatric
Dutton, Richard Hemostatic Resuscitation in Exsanguinating Trauma 9/21/11 General
Connors, Dean Somatomedins, Resident Education, and Curricular Development; A Glimpse Into the Future 9/14/11 Infrastructure
Faucher, Lee Resuscitation: History and Current Practice 9/7/11 General
Dale, Rebecca Phantom Limb Pain 8/24/11 Regional
Stoltzfus, Luke Early Anesthetic Exposure and Neurocognitive Dysfunction 8/3/11 Pediatric
Rogers, Kirke The Future of Anesthesiology: New Drugs, New Technologies, New Responsibilities, Old Patient 7/20/11 Infrastructure
Banks, Matthew Exploring the Neural Basis of Consciousness Using General Anesthetics 7/13/11 Neuro
Sebranek, Joshua Cardiopulmonary Thromboembolism During Liver Transplantation 6/15/11 General
Sessler, Daniel Perioperative Thermoregulation 6/8/11 General
Sleigh, Jamie The Mysterious Case of The Isolated Forearm 6/1/11 General
Mogan, Philip Anesthetics and Mitochondria: From Worms to Kids and Back 5/11/11 Pediatric
Hannaman, Michael Cirrhotic Cardiomyopathy: Implications for the Perioperative Period 5/4/11 General
Eger, Edmond How do Inhaled Anesthetics Work? 4/20/11 General
Guite, Christopher Local Anesthetics and Acute Cardiovascular Toxicity: Not All Fat is Bad for the Heart 4/13/11 Regional
Ikonomidou, Chris Do Anesthetic, Sedative and Antiepileptic Drugs Interfere with Brain Development? 4/6/11 Pediatric
Hollatz, Andrew Perioperative Intravenous Lidocaine Infusion 3/16/11 General
Eisenach, James Obstetric Pain - Acute and Chronic 3/9/11 OB
Konia, Mojca Remskar TEE of the Unstable Patient 3/2/11 Cardiac
Galgon, Richard Unsafe, Effective, or Close Enough? - A Physician's Guide to FDA Medical Device Regulation 2/16/11 Infrastructure
Schmidt, Christopher Post-Cesarean Analgesia: Beyond the OR & PACU 1/19/11 OB
Brooks, Nathanial Outcome Measures: Selection and Implementation 1/12/11 Infrastructure
Wolman, Richard Thou Shalt Not Kill: Execution by Lethal Injection - Does This Differ from Euthanasia and Should Physicians Participate? 1/5/11 Infrastructure
Lambourne, Kathryn Ketamine for Post-Op Pain: A Dream or Reality? 12/22/10 General
Dempsey, Robert Art, Passion, and Neurosurgery 12/8/10 Neuro
Schwinn, Debra Genomics and Medicine: Defining the Vulnerable Patient 12/1/10 General
Meyer, Cari Occupational Hazards for the Pregnant Anesthesia Provider 11/17/10 General
Marks, Erich Heparin Inducted Thrombocytopenia in the Surgical Patient: Perioperative Consideration 11/10/10 General
Ralphe, J. Carter Exploiting Engineered Cardiac Tissue to Understand Neonatal Cardiac Physiology 11/3/10 Pediatric
Yang, Jay Immunomodulation by Anesthetics: Does it Matter? 10/13/10 General
Muldowney, Bridget Surviving and Thriing with One Pump - Anesthetic Implications of Single Ventricle Congenital Heart Lesions and Fontan Physiology 9/22/10 Pediatric
Foley, David Targeting Endogenous Antioxidant Pathways: A Strategy to Minimize Hepatic Ischemia Reperfusion Injury 9/8/10 General
Hecker, Travis Postoperative Visual Loss: An Uncommon Problem that Affects the Globe 8/11/10 Neuro
Schroeder, Kristopher Full Time Clinician. Part Time Investigator. Misadventures of a Junior Faculty Member Attempting Both 8/4/10 Infrastructure
Hogan, Quinn Anatomic Mysteries in Regional Anesthesia 7/21/10 Regional
Coursin, Douglas Transfusions and US: Local and Global Perspective 7/14/10 General
Miletic, Vjekoslav Shank1 Protein and Sciatic Injury-Associated Pain 6/30/10 Neuro
Raz, Aeyal Sedation Induced Changes in the Activity of Neurons in the Sub-Thalamic Nucleus and Basal Ganglia Circuit 6/23/10 Neuro
Scruggs, Jesse Disasters, Terrorism, and Critical Care Anesthesiology 6/16/10 Infrastructure
Fitzpatrick, James Health Care and Anesthesia in Viet Nam 6/9/10 Infrastructure
Collins, Mike To Pre- or Not to Pre- 5/19/10 General
Wolman, Richard Controversies in Organ Donation 5/5/10 Infrastructure
Buchholz, Andrew Off Pump Coronary Artery Bypass - Revisited! 4/21/10 Cardiac
Arndt, George Innovation, Innovators, and Innovation 4/7/10 Infrastructure
Pearce, Robert GABA(A) Receptor Modulation as a Mechanism for General Anesthesia 3/3/10 General
Schroeder, Mark The Interesting History of Noel A. Gillespie, Anaesthetist 2/18/10 General
Irwin, Matthew Obstructive Sleep Apnea 2/17/10 General
Stephenson, Lianne IV Acetaminophen: Old Drug, New Vistas 2/10/10 General
Zapol, Warren HBOCs (Heme Based Oxygen Carriers): Great Promise and Problems to Solve 2/3/10 General
Siegal, Eric Health Care Reform 2010: How the Federal Government is Reshaping Medical Practice 1/13/10 Infrastructure
Pinney, Tanner The Anesthesia Guide to Infection Control in the OR: Antibiotic Infusion... and Beyond... 12/16/09 General
Blake, Jocelyn Tapping into the Future of Regional Anesthesia: TAP Blocks 11/18/09 Regional
Hogan, Kirk Update on Pharmacogenetics and Nitrous Oxide Toxicity 11/11/09 General
Kheterpal, Sachin Beyond the Randomized Control Trial: New Techniques for Knowledge Creation 11/4/09 Infrastructure
Joffee, Aaron Mmm... That's Good Pee: The Correlation Between Intra-operative Urine Output and Post-operative Renal Function 10/28/09 General
Perouansky, Misha Anesthetic Mechanisms: Why We Know So Much and Understand So Little 10/14/09 General
Laur, John Standard Work in the ASC Applied to PONV Reduction 9/2/09 General
Herlache, April Perioperative Fluid Management 8/19/09 General
Smith, Lesley Liposome-Encapsulated Hydromorphone: Pharmacokinetics and Clinical Trials 8/12/09 General
Angelini, Giuditta Neurologic Aspects of Breathing 8/5/09 Neuro
Rice, Mark The Imaging of Cricoid Pressure: Changing our Thinking about a Long-Standing Maneuver 7/22/09 General
Kerssens, Chantal Neuroimaging Anesthetic Effect on Brain Networks 7/15/09 Neuro
Chen, Herbert Clinical Research in Parathyroid Disease: Collaborations between Anesthesia and Surgery 7/8/09 General
Tompkins, Bonnie Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Demonstration 4/29/09 General
MacIver, Bruce Basic Science in the OR: How DBS Implant Surgery Informs Us about Anesthetic Actions at GABA Synapses 3/11/09 General
Lee, HT New Research in Liver Transplantation 11/12/08 General