The part 2 exam was replaced by the APPLIED exam in 2017 with two components:

    Standardized Oral Examination (SOE) (Sample Questions)

    Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) (Content Outline, Examples, FAQ)

The APPLIED exam is offered 9 weeks a year at the ABA assessment center in Raleigh, NC:

Successful Candidate Behavior and Improper Candidate Behavior videos from the ABA.

What to Expect: The ABA Part 2 Examination and ABA Part 2 Examination Orientation videos from the ABA.

Excellent discussions from Anesthesia and Crtiical Care Reviews and Commentary (ACCRAC) :

Oral board review books

John Doyle's Hints for Mastering the Orals (2005)

Excellent overview and PowerPoint by Jessica Lovich-Sapola

Outlining-Attacking the Stem Question: The Knockout Blow (1999) by Niels Jensen

Advice from The Anesthesia Consultant, Richard Novak

Discussion threads at Student Doctor Network:

Oral board commercial prep courses:

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